Research & Development (R&D)       We believe in innovation!


NB Healthcare research projects are geared to enable us to develop latest molecules and bring them to market at a reasonable cost. Focused development in defined specialty area based on complex technologies, is the key to our efforts.

Our experienced and scientifically focused team contributes in the growth of the company. Our R&D consists of Product Development Lab and Process Development Lab.

Product Development Lab is focused on research of upcoming generic APIs and develops suitable non infringing process in terms of safety, environment and health hazard as well as competitive cost of product. This Lab is also responsible for the analytical research and development with the help of QC department.

Process Development Lab ensures the sustenance of our APIs at any competitive market conditions and brings the growth to the company by way of continual improvement in product process. This Lab is responsible not only to bring the monetary advantage to our products but also to minimize environment & health hazards and maximize the process safety Both, R&D Labs validate the process at Gram scale and then validate at Kilo scale in accordance with GMP & GLP standard facilities and instrumentation.