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Quality Policy

NB Healthcare believes in an organisation which is customer oriented and innovative where commitment of quality is the hallmark of every operation.

NB Healthcare is committed to quality excellence, complying with the National and International Quality Standards. Customer satisfaction surpassing standards in every respect, may it be Quality, Reliability, and Services by employing quality driven staff, ensuring stringent performance standards.

Regular training of all department staff, who are responsible for maintaining & improving Quality, with emphasis on the improvement of their skills and qualifications, is a backbone to support customer satisfaction.

Environment, Health & Safety (E.H.S.) Policy

We, at NB Healthcare, have been engaged in the manufacturing of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients and related products, are committed to continually improve our Environment, Health & Safety (E.H.S.) performance by applying the following:

=> Complying with applicable Environment and Occupational Health & Safety Legislations, Regulations and other requirement as well as our own internal standards.
=> Conserving natural & other resources and raw materials by optimising their usage, minimising waste and where ever possible by reusing and recycling.
=> Monitoring and managing the safe disposal of all wastes.
=> Developing or adapting safe working practices in order to eliminate, reduce or control Occupational Health and Safety risks.
=> Conducting periodic audits and risk assessments.
=> Providing information and awareness training on E.H.S. to all our employees, contractors and sub-contractors.

This policy shall be communicated to all employees and made available to interested agencies to achieve the objectives for Clean, Safe and Green Environment.